This week in science, the children have been learning about habitats and microhabitats.

Today, they went on a hunt outside for some microhabitats.

Our Runner Bean Plants
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Look at how our runner bean plants grew after our comparative test. The seeds that had water and light grew into healthy plants, the seeds that had no light grew into pale, unhealthy plants, and the seeds that had no water did not grow at all.

Crosby Hall Residential
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Year 1 and 2 had an amazing few days at Crosby Hall. They took part in a range of activities including: an adventure course, pottery making, photograph making, field games, street dance, walking across (and some falling in) the swamp, meeting lots of different farm animals, a pyjama disco, flying down the zip wire, den making and fire building.

Spanish Day 2017 in Year 2
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We had a great day yesterday in Year 2 celebrating Spanish Day. The children came into school dressed in the colours of the Spanish flag or traditional Spanish dress, we learned about the Spanish surrealist artist, Juan Miro and created art inspired by his paintings, we played games where the children had to practise their Spanish, we coloured in the Spanish flag, we took part in a Spanish dance workshop, we made our own child-friendly Sangria, and in assembly, we performed the dance we had learned as a whole school.

Reception’s Wonderful Book Launch
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Today, we were very lucky to be invited to a book launch in Reception. We were greeted with a cup of juice and a biscuit before the Reception children talked us through the book they had made called Look At The Farm. Year 2 then had an opportunity to ask some questions about the book before they worked collaboratively with a Reception child to make a Pic Collage all about the book.

Coding and making GIFs
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On Friday, we had Julian in for the morning. The children used the Scratch app to code the story of How the Birds Got Their Colours.

They then used Keynote and a GIF creating app, imgplay, to show how apostrophes are used for contractions.

Gandhi The Great Leader
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Last term, we spent a few lessons thinking about what makes a great leader. The children came up with some great ideas.

We then learned about the great leader, Mahatma Gandhi. The children learned about his life and how he became a leader of the Indian people, who peacefully fought for independence from the British Empire. In groups, the children made presentations about Gandhi’s life and they also made some interesting fact files.

Seeds and Bulbs
Tuesday June 06th 2017, 3:03 pm
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This week in science, the children have been learning that all plants start their life as a seed or a bulb. They have learned about the germination process and how for this to happen successfully the seed must be in the right conditions where it is warm, has water and is in a light place so the plant can grow towards the light. Today, the children planted some runner bean seeds as part of a comparative test. Seed 1 will have all the right conditions to grow, but seed 2 will either be given no water or no light to see if it still grows into a plant.

A Lovely Day For An Ice Cream!
Tuesday May 23rd 2017, 7:27 pm
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As a treat for all of Year Two’s hard work over the past few weeks, we had a special treat afternoon. We took lots of toys and games outside into the sunshine and then as an extra special surprise, we had a visit from the ice cream van! The children loved it and it was very well deserved!

Flowering Plants
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Our new topic in science is plants. The children have been learning the difference between wild plants, garden plants and trees. They have also been recapping the parts of a plant. We went outside on a plant hunt and then labelled the parts of the plants using photographs.